The weather has broken, and I find myself with more headaches than usual. This past month has been difficult. Marshall became very sick seemingly within a few days. Jax, the puppy, is relentlessly playful and mercilessly teething. Marshall wants to play, but does not fancy being bitten.

I have not finished a single book this month, and the one that I’m currently reading – The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan – well, let’s just say that I can’t remember much of it and I’m about 80% through.

Recently, I bought an umbrella for the deck – the other one was old and falling apart. This one is new, it’s nice, and it’s solar.

Not being able to see close friends really, really sucks. It seems as though everyone is moving away – literally and figuratively. As much as I absolutely love being in my own space and having time to myself (to go through books (and not read them) and to get some organizing done and to just be) I miss friendship. I miss late night talks and walks and dinners out and the movie theater. Gosh, I miss the movie theater. I miss the privacy of leaving the house.

I miss not having a headache.


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