Grieving is hard.

Lately, all I find myself wanting to do is sleep, but I’ve found that my mind continues to wander throughout the night and I wake up… not okay. I wake up looking for some sense of peace that I once had and that is gone. I wake up and know that there is no reason to physically get myself out of bed. And it sucks. And it hurts. And I’m working on it. The warmer months bring a whole host of negative emotions for me, and trying to prepare for that has been hard. I’ve found that my daily routines have gone back to usual… but even the most routine actions bring back memories. Happy memories quickly turn to somber moments. Every single thing about this year has been difficult. I need to find something else that brings me peace. Something to occupy my mind for a while – if even 15 minutes a day. Hopefully, that is this.

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