Most of the trees are gone.

I haven’t written in a while. And, I still miss the trees. Workers brought them down months ago. What is left is less than half of what we used to have. There is more sun. Thee birds are more noticeable.

I’ve become a lot more accustomed to my home, and even though I don’t absolutely love every part of it, it’s still my space. And, as I continue the self-isolation route, I’ve remembered how much this house has sheltered me throughout the years. How this home has protected me.

New trees have been planted, and hopefully they’re growing strong root systems. I read a book a while ago, called The Secret Life of Trees, wherein I learned that trees use their branches and root systems to talk to each other – to send nutrients and messages to each other.

In the past few months, news coverage has ben downright scary. I do not want to leave my house. And, thanks to modern technology, we live in a time where going is not always necessary. I don’t actually need to go anywhere, besides to work. The only thing that matters right this moment is that we are healthy. But that doesn’t mean that we are unaffected.

So, instead of leaving and visiting family and friends, I’ve been staying in and checking on things remotely. Texting. Tweeting. Phone calls. YouTube video rabbit holes. Still going to work even though some days I really just want to stay in bed and not. So, now I avoid the news and watch the trees instead.


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