July. Week one.

The first week of July has passed, and I am thankful for so much. As much as I wish that this year had played out differently, I am beginning to realize just how kind others can be. Last month was one of the most difficult months of my entire life. But, many friends and neighbors came forward to help when we needed it most. For that, I will always be grateful. I am forever grateful to my mom and my younger sister. For everything. Also, Jax. I am so grateful for Jax.

This month started with naps. Two naps, in fact. Canceled plans and an attempt to mount a tv to a wall in my bedroom. A realization that I had no idea what I was doing, but needed to somehow get my hands on some toggle bolts. So, a delay. And research.

I also noticed that my monstera adansonii has some sort of sticky sap on its leaves, and brown spots on its stems, and one yellowing leaf. So, more research. Which means probably scale. Which means plant quarantine. This plant and I now share something in common. We all know the pain.

And fireworks. So. Many. Fireworks. Man, do they light up the sky. Their beauty almost makes up for the stress. Makes up for the canceled plans. Makes up for this canceled year.

This week, I found comfort in Evelyn Hugo. Initially, after picking this one up, I could not put this story down. After a while, I cherished breaks from this book. This story needed to take root in my mind. The scenes needed to be appreciated. We needed some separation.

I started Love, Victor with friends and absolutely adored it. I caught up on some book tube videos and re-organized my Netflix list and made an attempt to organize my GoodReads. In doing so I “dropped” a ton of books. By that I mean, I realized that I am actually not going to read these books – as much as past me wanted to. So, they get their own GR list. Some of them, I’m going to sell on my Depop. Some of them I’m going to keep until further notice.

The end of this week means the start of another. And, hopefully, no more plant quarantine. Hopefully, no more me quarantine. Because feeling like a stranger in my own home is something that I had not expected to be brought back to this year. On to next week.


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