July Week Three.

This week started with more plant care and a good, deep cleaning of my aquarium… along with a purchase of a second aquarium and some aquatic plants… and substrate. I’m super stoked to be paying more attention to my fish. They do bring me happiness – even though the little jerk faces like to hide. Hopefully, with the addition of some Anubias and one water sprite, my black skirt tetras will feel more comfortable during the day. I’ve kept their tank light off and covered the glass with my pothos, so hopefully the shading whilst I wait for my orders to arrive helps to keep them calm. I don’t think I’m going to move them to the 20 gallon quite yet. I want to gauge their reaction to new additions and then go from there. But, I would love to add a snail or two soon.

The scale on my monstera seems to be coming back, unfortunately. So, the plant quarantine is still on. Time for another rubbing alcohol bath and some manual scale removal. I am NOT looking forward to that at all, but I do love this plant and I want it to grow well.

This week, I also cleaned out my closet. Well, half of my closet. Which was also completely and totally necessary. I removed a shoe shelf and added a two tier bookshelf for shoes instead, and I’m quite happy with the way it turned out. I still need to add some more things to the donate pile and do some more cleaning, but for now it works.

The basement books have gotten some attention, and I’ve culled more shelves. I did not realize just how many books I have – or how amazingly HEAVY these things are. Note to self, try your darnedest to switch to paperbacks. Or better yet eBooks. Holy heck. I was not prepared for this spontaneous arm day of sorts.

I also have finally gotten past season 10 of Grey’s Anatomy and have sped through season 11. I’m unofficially challenging myself to catch up on this show by the end of the year. I’ve cleaned out some of my Netflix list and caught up on some Hulu Shows.


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