Which The Librarians Character Are You?

I started watching The Librarians back in 2015, during the season 1 marathon before season 2 aired on TNT. And I fell in love with the show enough to binge the movies in one sitting. I fell in love with the characters and the premise of the show immediately, and am anxiously waiting season 4. I enjoy all of the characters so much that I’m curious as to which one I most associate with. If you’d like to take the quiz, there’s a link here.

1. On a date, you’d rather go

To the movies, sweet and simple

On a picnic. Kill two birds with one stone – you’re going on a date and can bring healthy homemade snacks and get some fresh outdoor air! Skydiving

Skydiving – it’ll be a trust exercise with your partner, but you’re up for it. How else will you know if you can trust them later on?

somewhere you know well – you’ll have the upper advantage and will feel more in control on the date 

I don’t have time to date anyone! Nor would I want the burden…on me or them.

2. When choosing a book to read, you’d rather pick one about

I wish this one wasn’t true, but right now it is. If it weren’t I’d probably pick… 

Running away to exciting new adventures and undiscovered territory!

A meaningful story that leaves you thinking about it days after you’ve put it down.

I only have time to read my school books or books that help me further my education, career, and/or goals.

Biographies about famous/powerful/influential people from history interest me most.

Books about theories, philosophies, discoveries, and scientific mysteries fascinate me.

3. Your friends all know you as the one in the group who is

The leader. You usually call the shots and your friends are happy to follow!
The loyal one. You’d never let your close friends down, but few have earned your loyalty.
I usually like to go on my own. Friends slow me down.
The loner. Your friends beg you to come out every time, but you’d rather stay in to cozy up on your couch with a cup of coffee and a good book.
The party person. You love your friends and you love being part of the group. Any time you can hang out or go out with the gang is a good time for you!

Staying true to my gryffin-puff nature.

4. You find a wallet on the ground with $50 in it. What do you do?

Turn the wallet and money into the police. It’s the right thing to do.
Turn the wallet into the police, after you’ve pocketed the $50. No one will notice, right?
Keep the wallet. Score!
Leave the wallet. Maybe the owner will come back looking for it.
Put up some signs in the area with your number for people to call if they’ve lost something. If they describe the characteristics of the wallet, you’ll give it to them.

5. An acquaintance calls you out for something you didn’t do in front of all your friends. You try to ignore, but he doesn’t stop and other people are starting to stare. What do you do?

Twist his words around and make him look like a fool in front of everyone.
Punch him. That shuts him up. Then walk away.
Try to reason with him. Explain how you couldn’t have done what he’s claiming you did to calm the situation down.
Peacefully walk away. You’re above that sort of behavior and arguing wouldn’t solve anything anyway.
Take out your ray gun and blast him. You don’t care that others are looking at your strangely now. You knew that thing would come in handy one day!

6. If you were a fairy tale creature, you’d most likely be

Scar from The Lion King
The Mad Hatter
The Woodsman from Snow White

7. What is your favorite color?

Who picks favorites of something like a color?

You got: Jenkins

You are Jenkins! You’re a bit of a hermit by nature and would probably be more than happy to spend a day in your office tinkering away on projects. You do not appreciate being disturbed and annoyed easily if your concentration is

I love Jenkins! He’s definitely the most mysterious character in the show, and I want to know more of his backstory – especially the bit about King Arthur. However, I don’t really relate to Jenkins, that I know of at least. Oh well, the quiz was a fun way to pass the time and it got me thinking about rewatching The Librarian movies again…


3 thoughts on “Which The Librarians Character Are You?

  1. nathalie says:

    I have and love all the movies. I didn’t have the patience, however, for the TV series. I love Noah Wyle and I do love me some John Larroquette. I may have to give the series another try. I think my favorite movie was Curse of The Judas Chalice. Hey, have an awesome day 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    • xLeah2k13 says:

      I love the movies, and stumbled upon them after finding and enjoying the TV show. It was a much needed lighthearted break from reality at the time – maybe the same will ring true for you. Hope you have a great day as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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