august is here

brought to us by Isaias. I don’t think that there will be much damage where I am from, but I do worry. I also enjoy rainy days when I don’t have to leave my house, so I’m looking forward to some quality home time with a book and several cups of tea.

I’ve been isolating in my room again. The struggle is real. Construction has begun, so I’ve mostly been hearing the sounds of scraping and drilling and hammering and occasionally peaking out of my room to see what’s actually been going on. Funny how the sounds of construction remind me of the dentist’s office.

Today is Midnight Sun release day, and while I have received my Kindle edition last night, I haven’t quite made it to the mailbox for my physical copy. Because flood. But, I want the nostalgic factor of holding the physical book in my hands. Teenage me was so excited for Breaking Dawn – which, I believe, also released August 4.

I might make it out to the mailbox soon, but for now, nostalgic movies and sleep.


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