The builders are starting this week. They’re supposed to be fixing the ceilings and the bathroom. The living room ceiling and the bathroom vanity had been damaged in the flood. So, we’re beginning the construction process. During covid, which makes me anxious. True to self, I stress bought bath bombs. They should arrive within the week.

Baths have become something of a necessary escape for me. Work, lately, has been tough on my back and joints. As a tall person, baths have not always been the most comfortable of experiences, and I so wished that the flood would allow for a total bathroom remodel complete with tank person tub. But, nope. Not that.

New toilet, new vanity, new ceilings, new carpet, fresh paint, but no big kid tub. One day, for sure.

The new carpet is the thing that makes me most nervous. I am going to have to move my newly updated fish tank out of my bedroom for a while. Friends, water is heavy. The aquarium plants aren’t doing too great – I think I’ve lost one Anubis so far. The plants are just finally getting adjusted and re-establishing themselves. And I fear that moving the fish and the plants out of the tank and into the smaller, 10 gallon tank, for a day or two might be too much for them to handle. Also, water is the reason that we got into this mess in the first place. So, that.


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