The Current Chaos.

Dust is everywhere. My toilet is in my bath tub. Moisturizer is missing. I have no idea what day it is or where in the world my laundry basket has moved. Construction is happening. Progress is being made.

Next up, the carpet needs replaced, everything needs painted, and the bathroom… well, the bathroom needs to be a bathroom again.

Everyone is gone for the day. Hella boxes are just hanging out in the living room. The house is till in chaos, and we’re dog sitting. Layla, a Pomeranian-chihuahua mix. She’s precious when she’s not ripping up her puppy pad. Her presence is welcomed – I’ve missed having a pom around – but also makes me miss Marshall even more. Layla reminds me so much of Marshall sometimes it hurts, and we’ve only had her for a few days. A necessary hardness.

I think the disarray has forced me to reconsider some things. And, I think it’s time to go through my books again. I plan on sending a whole bunch of books to extended family, but it’s probably going to be a while before I pick just the right books to send them. I have a few ideas.

I also would like to start to scan all of my school papers to my computer and digitize my notes. It might be a long shot but anything that could potentially help me with a Master’s program stays. I’ve been slowly trying to downsize throughout the past few years – which has brought some mental clarity. And, with the current chaos, I’ll need some of that again.


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