a new plant and moving day

We said goodbye for now to Layla. Her owner recovered well from their surgery and so she went back to her home. The house is quieter without her here. I will miss her. I’m excited for future puppy play dates.

We also took some of my sister’s apartment things to storage. She’ll need them when she moves back to the city, but covid’s got her saving some money and living with us. Which is also nice.

I have mounted my TV to the wall, finally. It looks so good and, once I have a bed frame, will be at the perfect height. It took a long time to do, and I didn’t have the right tools at all, but I got it done. It’s been a bit and nothing has gone horribly wrong. So, I’m proud of that. My next mission is to put up some wall shelves so that I can move some candles and small books to them. I have also found some bookends online that I absolutely in love with and I would be lying if I said that those bookends weren’t the catalyst for adding shelves to this wall. The other part of the catalyst is that this wall has been empty for far too long.

Still, there is more work to do around the rest of the house. The bathroom, currently, is almost finished. It looks like a bathroom again. One more day of painting and adding a mirror and probably a few, small touch ups and that room will be all set.

We picked up some patio furniture from Facebook Marketplace for the sunroom. Also, in true me fashion, I got stressed out and bought a plant. I think it’s a Pink Nerve Plant. Gorgeous, pink veins pop from the deep green leaves. Medium light, frequent watering and some humidity will keep her happy. The colors are gorgeous and for now, she sits in the sunroom. That space now feels more open, and with some light cleaning will be a relaxing spot for morning coffee and afternoon reading.

The next issue… the thing that’s been on my mind for a long time. I need to move this fish tank. The flooring people will move heavy furniture for us, we just have to make sure to clear the tops off of everything so that they can just pick up and go. But, I do not know if they have ever moved fishtanks with fish in them. Water is heavy. Fish are alive. It would be less stressful for me (and probably for them as well) if I just move the tank myself. So, that’s my next project. For now.


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