Sometimes you just need a little angst

Lately, Hallmark Channel movies have been a blessing to my mental health. Their aesthetics and easy plots are soothing after a long day. I honestly did not know that we could even watch the Hallmark Channel through our cable provider. I don’t typically watch cable (save some trash reality TV shows) and honestly haven’t watched much cable since… 2013-ish. So, I am quite enjoying catching up on some Hallmark movies and shows and the like. The addition of the Hallmark Anywhere app has been a lifesaver. I’ve been ranking and writing little snippets about each movie I’ve watched in 2020 on my Letterboxd account.

I have also been diving back into some music that I absolutely adored in high school. Something I’ve been doing more and more of since seeing We The Kings last year. So, We Are the In Crowd, We the Kings, Go Radio, and the like have been on repeat. I’m half tempted to pull out my old school band t-shirts and look up some (virtual) concerts dates. I guess throwback playlists are my jam.

The clash of these two things that are currently keeping my head above water isn’t going unnoticed. Sometimes all you need is a little pop-punk to go with a feel-good movie.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need a little angst

  1. joebrunostl says:

    Hmm, angst. The only thing I have found helpful to deal with angst is to stay busy. Ultimately there are conclusions coming and I try not to think on that. If I am busy I don’t think on that.

    Hearing or watching an engaging story helps too. Family is good. Daily routines are good. Music helps. Recognizing good moments in your life as they happen is helpful.

    Now you got me thinking.


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