Beds, a bird, and a day dream

The event took two whole days, but it is finally over with. The flooring is finished. And with that, the major inside-home work is complete. The bathroom looks like a bathroom, the living room a living room. No more toilet in the bath tub. I have even found my moisturizer. This house is a house again.

The living room has been re-arranged so that the couch faces the window and, this year especially, I appreciate that. The set up is the way that we’ve always wanted the living room to be. We get more morning light and will be able to see the raised beds out front. The raised beds currently have nothing in them. But, I am very willing to change that. Just have to talk to the family and get their thoughts on the matter. It will be especially beautiful come Fall and Winter, when we can watch the seasons change. For now, we’ve got to do the part of clearing and cleansing the space.

I have moved the window mounted bird feeder to the sunroom at the back of the house, and yesterday a bird (perhaps a house finch) found it. When I had noticed her it seemed as though she had been perched there for a while, and she quite enjoyed rooting through the seeds to find her favorites. My younger sister and I have also moved most of our house plants to the sunroom, and are hoping to brighten it up a little. The birds are a definite bonus.

It’s going to take a few weeks for the gardening portion, and I’m probably going to need to look at more fall faring scapes. But for now, I’m happy with bird watching and day dreaming.


2 thoughts on “Beds, a bird, and a day dream

    • xLeah2k13 says:

      Yes, they have such a calming effect. I’m looking into flowers for fall, I don’t believe I’m skilled enough to start a vegetable garden. Purple kale is beautiful, and quite tasty.


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