September 2020 Want to Read

I did not finish a single book in August. But, my house is more or less back together. We have added a few new pets to the household. I’ve watched a few new shows and gone back to some old, faithful ones.

This month – September, I constantly need a reminder – I want to take it easy. But I also feel the need to get some reading done. To mark books off of my TBR. As absolutely great as August was for me and the TV, I need to read a book.

Hopefully, it’s this one. The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante. My Brilliant Friend was one of my absolute favorites of 2019. I finished it for a class and honestly that was one of my favorite classes ever. The professor was super approachable and very willing to teach at the student’s level. And, honestly, the translation style is addicting.


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