Fish tank moving day, round two.

One of the tasks that gave me the most stress throughout the flooring process was the need to move my 20 gallon fish tank into a room in which they would be safe from whatever magic the builders had to do to the floors. Big magic requires big space. The process:

  1. Remove plants from tank.
  2. Remove heater and filter.
  3. Drain 50% of the tank’s water into a 5-gallon bucket.
  4. Attempt to catch one fish.
  5. Fail.
  6. Try again.
  7. Success.
  8. Transfer victory catch to bucket.
  9. Repeat.
  10. Drain the rest of the tank’s water. Set aside for watering plants throughout the week.
  11. Clean tank. Move tank. Refill.
  12. Add cycled water and fish.
  13. Add plants, heater, and filter.
  14. Monitor fish for stress. Monitor self for stress.
  15. Breathe.

I let the tank sit for about a week and a half, and then began the process all over again. Now that the tank is in it’s normal place, my room finally feels more complete.

I also added a bed frame to my room. I haven’t had a bed frame since 2012-ish. Without the frame, my bed sat lower to the ground and had been easier for Marshall to jump on to sleep. I miss my best friend so, so much. I know he would have laid claim to the underside of my bed.

My younger sister’s puppy occasionally sits and pouts at the base of my bed, waiting patiently for me to pick him up and let him lay with me. I plan on adding steps for the puppy, so that he can walk up and lay with me whenever he pleases. He is such a snuggle bug, and that is so needed.

The house is getting back to order. Soon, the weather will break, and we can enjoy Fall.


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