A welcoming

My younger sister has moved home for the foreseeable future. With her, one puppy, two kittens, and so. many. boxes. Boxes in the living room, in the kitchen, in the basement. Extra food in the pantry, extra spices in the drawer. And so much tea. We are blessed to have her back. We had a few weeks of calm, and now the process of unpacking and storing and re-centering. In this home, this year, a little wild has become normal.

Everyone is welcome. The kittens are coming out of their shells more and more. One brims with adventure, the other seals herself away with timidity. But, slowly, the timid one quietly explores in her own time. She usually watches the pup and Adventure Kitty try something before attempting so herself. This week, they’re learning that the pup cannot jump to the top of their six-foot cat tree.

Now, the house is loud. Filled with love, affection, and lots and lots of toys. I couldn’t


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