how to remember a gate

Today, I need to remind myself that it is just a fence. That installing a new one would be updating the house. It would make the back yard more yard-like. More private. That we would enjoy having a new fence. We need more privacy.

I also can’t stop thinking about the old fence. After a few years and many bad rain storms, the gate flew off. Disappeared, never to return. I honestly couldn’t have told you what it looked like if I tried. Not having one didn’t cause us any difficulty. It actually occasionally brought many small rabbits to the yard. Quite often, the rabbits would run around and play, and then stop suddenly and stay so still that they could barely be seen, even if you knew that they were there.

Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Marshall would need to go outside. And, because of the no gate dilemma, I would walk him out on a leash. Only to find that our deer family had moved in for the night. The deer would mildly graze and gracefully move on to their next adventure. Sometimes they would stand and have what seemed at 3 am to be a never-ending stare off with the pup. Eventually, I would lead Marshall back inside and attempt to calm him enough for sleep.

I’m going to miss that fence and all of its holes. But, I’m looking forward to a new fence. I am looking forward to more privacy (from neighbors and the like) and the relief of letting Jax outside to run in the yard at his own pace – which, lately, has been super speed). I’m looking forward to adding flowers and attracting more birds. I’m going to miss the deer, but I’m sure that the rabbits will find their way back eventually.


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