The day-to-day has felt like a lot lately, and I’ve stumbled back into reading. I’ve missed it. And, I hope to continue to slowly enjoy my reads. Currently, I’m reading Elena Ferrante’s The Story of a New Name and I’ve missed this writing style. The audible narration is also soothing, so if that’s your thing, I’d recommend it. The story follows two friends through childhood, adolescence, and adulthood as they try to figure out who they should be, and who they could be. The small town vibe is strong with this one.

This week, cleaning up the yard and sorting through the rest of my sister’s things. Hopefully, re-settling the house and definitely watching at least one spooky movie. (By spooky, I mean a movie with cozy fall vibes and no actual horror at all). So, probably, Halloweentown, Practical Magic, or more The Good Witch. I’ve made my way through three out of (maybe) 13 movies and it’s been one of the best, most calming, stress relievers lately. I’ve also almost exclusively been listening to Taylor Swift’s Folklore and Dermot Kennedy’s entire discography.


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