The End of Summer | Book Tag

This tag is a little late. Summer, for me, is June, July, and August. But, Summer 2020 was difficult for me for a monumental amount of reasons. Reading wise… I dropped the ball. And, even though I didn’t read as much as I had wanted to, I still found quite a few gems.

What was your favorite book this summer?

Rating: 5 out of 5.

What was your least favorite book this summer?

This summer I had an issue with finishing the books that I started. I had been planning to re-read the Twilight saga, because it had been about 10 years since I first read the series. Unfortunately, I couldn’t complete this challenge for myself. I DNFed Twilight, and didn’t get around to watching the movies, either.

What book do you wish you read this summer?

I thoroughly enjoy this world and loved the first two books in this series. Why, why, why haven’t I gotten to the last one yet?

What was your favorite classic that you read this summer?

Unfortunately, I rarely read classics.

Did you stray into a different genre and pick up a new and exciting book?

I rarely read graphic novels anymore but this one… I really liked this one.

What was your favorite movie adaptation this summer?

This August overflowed with movie watching. I watched 33 movies and quite a few of them were adaptations of books that I haven’t read. I took the time this year to sit down and watch all of the Star Wars movies, and I really enjoyed them. If you’d like to know my thoughts on the Star Wars movies, I have a Letterboxd list. Be prepared, I’ve been told that my thoughts are somewhat controversial.

My Letterboxd Profile.

What was your favorite book release?

I have rarely read thrillers in the past, but this one came at the perfect time. My house fell apart in June, and this one had some spooky house vibes that I needed to get me through a rough patch. Home Before Dark reminded me that things could always get worse. I’m not going to risk spoilers, but if you’ve read this book, you know what’s up.


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