Hocus Pocus Readathon TBR

This month, I plan to participate in the Hocus Pocus readathon (info here). I chose team Sanderson Sisters because I really, really want to read the group book: Mooncakes. There are four prompts for the Sanderson Sisters team, and I plan to complete all of them.

I don’t think I’ve read anything by Suzanne Walker, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about this graphic novel, and the art style looks super cute.

Winifred: Read a book that features powerful witches:

I’ve been neglecting my Charmed graphic novels, and am super excited to get back to the Charmed universe. I’m going to continue the series with Charmed: Season 9, volume 2.

Sarah: Read a book that features sisters:

And, in true me fashion, I started watching Orphan Black when it aired but never finished the series. I believe I stopped watching somewhere in the middle of season 3. I’ve missed the sestras, and can’t wait to get my hands on all of the Orphan Black content again. Tatiana Maslany is an amazing actress, to say the least, and honestly every time I’ve rewatched season 1, I’ve been in awe of her performance.

Mary: Read a book about an evil character:

The last book on my Sanderson Sisters TBR is The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. I preordered this one way back, and when it showed up in ____ I was super excited to read it and then life got… wild. So, here’s to hoping that I finish this one this month!

And that concludes my Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sisters TBR.


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