Another Grounding.

Upkeep on the house has been interesting lately. With younger sister moving back in and chaos still ensuing from clearing everything out of bedrooms and the dining room and living room. And, eventually

I’ve found that taking some quiet time to care for the house plants and watch the bird feeder grounds me. Which, is great. The pup has realized that he can sneak through the underside of the fence, which has been stressful to say the least. Adventure pup decided, last week, that he was going to leave the previously thought well gated yard, in search of a family of deer. He was brought back, about 40 minutes later, by the sound of cat treats shaking in a box. Thank goodness for that. But my heart and the stress that he brought upon it was too much.

So, we’ve got to fill some holes that have unearthed throughout the last few weeks bouts of rain. And, as his breed is a digging one, this has been quite a wild ride.

But, inside the house has become a mess again. We’re working on it. I’ve finally hung some shelves in my room, which I believe will make a nice TBR location. Hopefully these small tasks start to ground me, again.


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