A day of cuddles

Today was a good day for soup and reading and puppy cuddles. I woke up naturally at 6 am. Let the pup outside. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to carry him down the steps to the grass this morning. We’ve gotten a lot of rain recently and the pup does NOT like to have his paws wet. But, this morning there were no protests. Just curious sniffs at the leaves that had floated to the ground over night.

One exhausted pup.

I was also shocked that the pup pranced back up the stairs and jumped into the house on my first call for him. Lately, he has been testing his limits and only comes home to the sound of cat treats being shaken in a tin. He jumped over the threshold and rolled around on the carpet for a few minutes to try and wipe the morning dew from his fur. I then gave the animals breakfast – the cats, gently reminding me that they needed love too. While everyone ate, I changed their drinking water and red a few chapters of Mating the Huntress by Tahlia Hibbert.

Then, I got to work cleaning out the pantry and reorganizing the shelves. Our pantry is small, and it is a space that is mostly hated by each of us humans. The animals, however, are fascinated by its existence. I was astounded at the amount of canned spinach that we own. Seven cans. Seven. Not quite sure what we could do with all that spinach – I prefer fresh to canned – but I do know of a food bank near me that could make good use of our abundance.

The rest of the day was spent cuddling, cleaning, and reading. I’ve almost made it half way through Mating the Huntress and I’ve definitely got some Thoughts. The green cover, though, is to die for.


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