Intentional Soup

I have had a taste for soup this season. I’ve made potato and chicken noodle and tomato. I look forward to making chicken and dumpling soup later this autumn, and trying a new recipe – butternut squash. I’ve had butternut squash soup once, at a friend’s house on New Years Eve 2012, and I want to try and replicate that dish. There’s just something so calming about homemade soup. Picking out the most perfect veggies from a local produce stand, and bringing them home to wash and prep. Something so calming about slowly cooking out a roux and adding stock and veggies and simmering the pot while cleaning up. Something relaxing about the way the smell fills the house and warms the soul. The first sip as grounding and filling as the vegetables that were used to make it.

Soup, this season, has brought my family a little more together. As has beef stroganoff, a pumpkin roll, and home made cookies. I guess what I’m saying here is that I’ve been stress cooking, and I’m not mad about it. I’m always interested in new recipes and new foodie finds, so, if you’ve got a comfort food that’s been keeping you warm this autumn, please tell me about it below.


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