Back into Cooking… maybe.

I have fallen victim to the modern convenience of grocery shopping. I don’t know much about what’s in my favorite foods or where each ingredient comes from. I know so little that every new fact is game changing. I may not be aware of a lot when it comes to foods, but I do enjoy cooking and I have for as long as I can remember.

Part of the thing that I enjoy the most about cooking is that there is always something new to learn. There is always something new to make. This morning, for example, I made pumpkin muffins. And, while waiting for the oven to pre-heat I realized that I only had a tiny amount of confectioners sugar. So, I looked up how to make your own confectioner sugar and then that led me to look up how to make brown sugar (who knew I actually am slightly okay with molasses). This means that in essence, I don’t need to buy three different kinds of sugar. If I had bulk white sugar on hand always, I could quite easily make brown sugar and confectioners sugar and not have to worry about wasting unused sugars and on top of that, this means that I only need enough pantry space for sugar and a teensy bit of molasses. How frickin cool is that?

But, my absolute favorite thing about cooking is that (as cliche as it is) food brings people together. Each time I’ve made things lately, my family and I have sat together to eat. We’ve talked about the food that we’re eating and how to make it better next time. We’ve brought up distant family members and their favorite foods and talked about sharing recipes between great aunts and grandmothers.

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