Mud Puddles

Last night, there was a decent amount of rain, this morning, the yard smelled like dirt and dead leaves and the air had a good amount of moisture to it. And the pup, well, he didn’t want to come back inside for breakfast.With the fall and the rain bringing out the leaves and the new bugs, the pup has taken more of a liking to his daily back yard adventures. He absolutely loves running around in the nicely fenced in yard. He loves running and hiding and searching for new things under the deck, the sound of crunching leaves, and he especially loves digging holes.

Pup has been making some serious progress on one hole. His obsession has gotten to the point where he will spend a solid 45 minutes digging non stop. For a 7 lb puppy, that’s a whole lot of concentration. He has enjoyed ripping out small roots and circling his progress for a little bit now. Today he went absolutely WILD. He would not come when he was called, he would barely even take his concentration away from his dirt when he heard his name.

I didn’t have much to do today on my house cleaning list (the usual laundry, vacuum, dust, organize bookshelves again) so I decided to sit outside with him and read The Tourist Attraction. He had his progress to make, and I had mine. His progress happened to include brushing leaves aside and crumpling them, so when there had been silence for 30 seconds, I knew something was up. I looked up and there Pup was, sitting next to his masterpiece with a goofy, dirt-drunk smile on his face.

This, friends, is my happy place.


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