Move out day.

Today little sister, Pip, Chip, and Pup, go on an adventure. They’re moving back to the big city and leaving us in the dust. I’m glad that little sister is spreading her wings and that she’s always going to have company, but man am I going to miss them.

So, today we moved (mostly) everything into the uhaul: cat tree, mattresses, clothes, pet foods, pet beds, pet carriers and pet toys, among other things. But, mostly, pet related things. It took a while to coax Pip into her carrier. She absolutely hates it and I hope she’s able to nap quickly into the ride. Chip was easier – he’s so curious that he just jumped right on in to his. And pup has always been down for adventure – as long as sister goes too.

Little ones in tow, sister made off for her new apartment. I’m happy for her, I really am. But the kittens were finally warming up to me and pup absolutely loves fall. And, I’m going to miss them.

I can’t wait to visit. But, covid.


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