Not another YouTube rabbit hole…

We’ve established that I am normally not very great at keeping up with new hobbies. Typically, I research the heck out of something and then I go for it. All in. Non stop. And then I get bored and I decide that maybe this hobby isn’t for me (bullet journaling, anyone?).

Anyway, I’ve recently discovered that I enjoy watching people write letters to their pen pals on YouTube.

Yes, I am aware that this is strange.

But, hear me out. This could be really cool inspiration for Christmas cards. I’m sure some of my friends and family would enjoy a hand written, personalized letter. In fact, I have one or two or three letters that I’ve been meaning to reply to for a while.

So, I wrote. And then, I used some of my stickers. Decided that I needed more stickers; Placed a quite large Etsy order.

And I’m excited.

One, because getting mail makes me happy – even if I’m expecting it. But, also, I think it will be good – this year especially – to send out some really thoughtful cards to friends and family. I think it might make people feel a little closer when staying far apart is what’s best for everyone. And, with that, it’s time to get some cards started.

Full disclosure, bullet journaling is something that I aspire to keep up with… I’m just really bad at keeping up with things.


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