A few thoughts on December 2020

On December 31, 2019, I passed out on a friend’s couch early after working my 6th double shift of the week (or something ridiculous like that). I was awoken at 11:57 pm, so that I could partake in watching the ball drop. I then was told that I had to stay awake for at least one game of Cards Against Humanity.

If anyone is wondering, I am still upset at not being allowed to sleep through the beginning of 2020.

I had so many plans for this year. I wanted to travel more. I wanted to pay off all of my student loans. I wanted to spend some quality time with family. I wanted to help out around the house as much as possible. I’m happy to say that I was able to do most of these things.

But, still it feels like this year was wasted.

And then I remember that this year I’ve done so many things to foster positivity in my life. We’ve made some home improvements. We’re working on putting everything back together. This year was a year of patience and waiting and mostly struggling. But, we made it. We struggled through it. Alone, together.

Friends, we got through 2020. And, whether or not we’re prepared for it, 2021 will be here shortly.


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