Dear Reader: Thank you.

Well, friends, 2020 is finally over. We made it. This year was a rough one, to say the least. And, I think we’ve all tried our darnedest to stay as positive as possible throughout the year. I’m beginning 2020 with deep breaths and candles.

I, personally, have learned quite a bit about myself this year. I think that this is the longest I’ve ever stuck with maintaining a blog, and I’m super proud of that. I have always said before that I don’t write for other people, – I don’t write for the public – but this place? This space helped me see that I can.

It’s taken a while, but after quite a few layout changes, I think I’ve finally found a theme that I enjoy. I’ve made this blog my own, with the help of an awesome friend. A lot about this year hasn’t been calm, and writing and talking with you all has grounded me, in a way. I hope that this blog did a little of that for you, as well. I genuinely enjoy writing these entires, and I enjoy talking about books, birds, fish, and general gardening. So, thank you all for putting up with me. Thank you for your advice and recommendations and your kind words.

It has been really great to find a space on the internet in which I feel that I can be just a teensy bit creative. And, I want to thank you all for helping me to do that. I hope that I’ve brought a little bit of entertainment into your year. I hope that this blog offered a little slice of escape for you. I look forward to more conversation next year.

Now on to 2021.


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