WWW Wednesday | Jan 10-16 2021

The first week of January is over. We made it through. This new year started off promising. I had hope that 2021 would be easier on us than 2020 had been. I was wrong. I am still slightly hopeful, though, that this year can improve.

I have read quite a few books so far this month and I can’t wait to get to more. I hope that I have not put too much on my TBR plate, but we’ll have to see how the rest of the month goes. This week happens to be the week in which I buddy read all of the things with Andi and Layali!

Last Read:

House of Night #2
P.C. & Kristin Cast

The language in this one was similar to the first. So, the same issues that I had with Marked still stand in this installment. Betrayed, to me, was not as vocal about it’s language use than Marked, so in that the story was better. Still not great, but better.

Current Read:

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Ken Kesey

I’m having a strange experience while listening to this one! The narration is good, but the story is wild and I have no idea what’s supposed to be happening big picture. This one’s definitely out of my comfort zone.

Next Read:

House of Night #3
P.C. & Kristin Cast

I am hoping that the language in this series (amongst many other things) gets better with each book.

I had hoped to start Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas by now for the Talk n Thoughts book club. Unfortunately, I’m at the mercy of Libby for that read. And, right now, I’m at a 5-week wait. But once I finish my current read, I will have finished my January TBR! (Well, except for Cemetery Boys, that is!) And, I think that’s a plus.

WWW Wednesday is hosted by Sam @  Taking on a World of Words and answers three questions: 
What are you currently reading?
What did you recently finish reading?
What do you think you’ll read next?


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