10 TV Series to finish in 2021

I am the actual worst at finishing TV shows. Not quite sure why, but about half way through a show I usually get bored and switch to something else. And then sometimes I circle back to the show and catch up. But, once I catch up I don’t always finish the show. So, I’ve got quite a few shows on my radar that I would like to finish in 2021. Hopefully, this post holds me accountable.

Also, I would really like to find someone to talk to about these shows in particular, and if anyone is interested in buddy watching an episode or two feel free to hit me up in the comments or on Twitter!

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Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders | Netflix Official Site

Confession. I started this one years ago – I think when it first started streaming on Netflix – and then promptly stopped. Not because it was bad, or because I wasn’t interested. Honestly, I don’t have a reason for stopping this one. I just kinda did. And, I’m looking forward to catching up on this series – just 10 episodes to go!


Oh boy. Supernatural. Okay, so I’m feeling like garbage for not being able to live watch the series finale because I’ve been meaning to catch up on this series for literal years. I believe I started the show when it first premiered – although I have no memory of actually watching the first episode for the first time – and I loved the character work in the beginning. And then the storyline kinda got bland for me, and I stopped somewhere in season 10-ish. Teenage Leah was definitely a Supernatural Stan. Throwback to my SuperWhoLock days. Oy. I’m not sure if I should rewatch this one from the beginning, or if I should start where I vaguely remember the plot. What do you think?


A friend recommended this one to me about three years ago. I got about a season and a half in and then just stopped. He’s still mad about it.


Watch Younger Season 1 | Prime Video

I frickin LOVE this show. This show is amazing and awesome and I can’t wait to finish it! But… I kind of forgot where I stopped. So, I should probably rewatch the last two-ish seasons and then get into the newest one.

This is Us

Watch This is Us Season 1 | Prime Video

For this one, I need to be in the mood to cry. And, most of 2020 was absolute hell for me. I didn’t want to cry, so I just never started season 5.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - Season 1 | Prime Video

Good! Funny! Witty! I love Amy Sherman-Palladino. Need to watch the newest season and probably the last few episodes of the first season to refresh my memory.

The Good Witch

I started this one in 2020, as I was in desperate need of some feel good vibes. I really want to watch this in publication order with consideration of the movies, and I’ve got maybe three more movies to watch before I re-start the show from the beginning.

Schitt’s Creek

I don’t want this series to end, so I haven’t watched the last season. But, also I want to finish the last season and then rewatch the whole series.


All of my favorite characters are leaving and I am upset. But, I still feel like I have to finish this one. The family is absolutely insane and the plots are outrageous but I’m in it for the character development.


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