February 2020 WTR

I don’t know about you all, but January flew for me. Between new year blog housekeeping and working on a few 2021 goals on top of work and house projects, January kept me busy. I was so glad to start the year off with quite a few books! (Most of which are mentioned in my my January 2021 Wrap Up). I hope that the momentum continues through February and I find some really great reads.

A Court of Silver Flames | Sarah J. Maas

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This month A Court of Silver Flames releases! And I’m super excited to see what Nesta has been up to since A Court of Wings and Ruin. In the interest of not spoiling the series for those who haven’t read the original trilogy and want to, all I will say is that the dynamic between her and her love interest has me reeling. February 16 can’t come soon enough!

The Lives of Saints | Leigh Bardugo

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I was generously gifted a copy of The Lives of Saints, and I can’t wait to buddy read this one with Andi and Layali! It will be so nice to read some short Leigh Bardugo stories to prepare myself for the Shadow and Bone Netflix series. April will be here sooner than we think!

I also want to continue with Mistborn Era 2 with Shadows of Self and Bands of Mourning by Brandon Sanderson. It’s looking like I might actually meet my stretch goal of finishing Era 2 and Elantris this year! I didn’t know that space cowboys were a thing that I was interested in, but I’m here for it. At the very least, I would like to read Shadows of Self, and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll move on to the final installment of era 2: Bands of Mourning.


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