a winter garden

Lately, I’ve fallen down the research rabbit hole and landed somewhere between container gardens and homesteading. I think it’d be a (really, really) awesome project to start a small vegetable garden. Y’know, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and the like. And, while I’ve been researching mostly during this frigid winter, I’ve been itching to get my hands dirty.

Here’s my plan:

  • Outdoor flower garden: marigolds, butterfly bush, roses.
  • Outdoor vegetable garden: broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries, raspberries, onions.
  • I might also plant some trees. Lemon trees, orange trees, lime trees, and maybe even an avocado tree (if I’m lucky).

This is a lot to handle, and I know it’s going to take a while because I’m super busy. But I think I can do everything that I want to do with enough research and patience. It’s going to take a while to see the progress that I want to see, but that’s the fun part, isn’t it?


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