un-interrupted bliss

We got a second snow this year. It started after I had gotten back from work, which, I think was a blessing. I was able to watch fluffy white fall from the sky at 9 pm from the comfort of my bedroom. I wrote and watched and texted a few friends and watched some more. And, when I couldn’t see anything at all anymore, I snuggled under the covers and put on a movie. It was comforting end to a stressful week.

I woke up to beauty. And stillness. And calm.

I sat and marveled while having my morning coffee. Four to six inches of beautiful, untouched snow.

Then, the shoveling began.

I’ve never mentioned this to anyone, before. But I have a particular way of shoveling. We have a large window that looks out to the front yard, and I love to watch the birds do their bird thing. And, now the snow do its snow thing. So, I move the snow off of the sidewalk so that I can still look out the window at un-interrupted bliss.

It only took about 30 minutes to clear the sidewalk and the car. And this year I am thankful that podcasts got me through. I think, podcasts have gotten me through a lot, lately. It was nice to hear other people speak about things without feeling obligated to comment. It was nice to listen to a conversation about something other than the current anxiety inducing situations. It made the shoveling a little less back-to-reality feeling.

For the first time in a long time, I’m wishing for more snow.


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