musings on a backyard

I have a deep appreciation for naps. The other day, I had two of them. Two whole naps in which I snoozed so hard I forgot what day it was. It was pure bliss. I have found myself waking up at a decent time, and still remaining exhausted. I know that it is the effects of burnout, but hey, life goes on. I have been forcing myself to work as much as possible on days that I do work, and on my days off, I have been napping. Not the healthiest thing to do, I think, but I am too in a rut to change that right now.

I have also been taking some time to sit outside for a little bit. This morning, I almost didn’t notice the fuzzy friend grazing in the yard. If the pup had seen them, the moment would have been chaotic, and ended with a mad dash through the woods. But, the pup was home and my friend was left to peacefully graze. I wonder if we were both as cold as each other. Me, in my well worn sweats and my friend in their beautiful brown coat.

Pictured above: large, wild bunny laying in a sunny spot on grass next to a picnic table.

Upon reflection, I realized that maybe my furry friend may be a hinderance to the garden that I have been longing to start. As much as I want to begin, I cannot muster up the energy to do so. I suppose grass and wild flowers are as much a garden as tomatoes, when your only company in the past year has been the bunnies.


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