just the beginning

Last summer, a friend of younger sister’s stopped by to fix up our little garden box. And, I think he did a good job. He changed out the rotting wood, rolled out new landscaping cloth and added fresh compost and mulch to the raised beds. And, while previously overloaded with gravel and rock, the beds became more habitable.

This year, for my mom’s birthday, her cousin stopped by and helped out in the front flowerbeds. Which meant that I could finally get my hands dirty. It took quite a bit of digging and a little bit of foresight, but we did it. The bushes have been placed towards the ends of the bed, with enough room between them for growth, while also taking into consideration that too much growth may block my beautiful view from our window.

Four new bushes and a space left in the middle for smaller annuals. Maybe one day I can have this bed stocked full of beauty. I am looking forward to watching them grow and to meeting our new visitors who have already started to check out their new surroundings. Hopefully the cicadas leave them alone. But, now we wait.

So, I got to go to work and it was marvelous. I absolutely cannot wait to add some smaller flowers and embellishments. I’m hoping to figure out how to add a small bird bath or a squirrel proof feeder.


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