for the bees | a little garden 🪴🐝

Spring 2021 is finally the season that I feel that I can start planting. I have done so much thinking and overthinking for the last few years, that I’ve decided to finally get things started. Last week, my cousin stopped by with bushes for my mom and this week I’ve decided to expand on that and add a few flowers and a feeder to kind of round out the space.

So, today, sister and I went to a local garden center “just to look around.” Famous last words.

Reader, we walked out with three plants and a leaf blower.

The plants took maybe 30 minutes to put into the garden from start to finish. I’ve gotten to finally put my hand shovel to good use. Thank you to the friends that got me such a thoughtful gift if they’re reading this, which, they probably aren’t. But, just in case. The hand shovel is beautiful and functional and I can’t wait to start on more projects. I’m not sure if it will attract humming birds, but I am hoping for them. I’ve added a hummingbird feeder just in case.

The leaf blower does wonders to move the helicopters from the deck and the remnants of weeds from the brick patio. What used to take 40-60 minutes of sweeping, now takes about 3 minutes with the blower. And, poof, the deck is clean. As long as the pup doesn’t try to attack the blower in the way that he attacks the vacuum, we’re golden.

And now, to sit and wait for the bees.


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