Season One | Drip, drip, drip

Today is the day I try something completely foreign to me: Drip irrigation!

It took many a YouTube video for me to actually get on the drip train, but now that I’m here I have the itch to connect everything to a timing system. Y’all, this was so easy once I figured out how everything worked.

I went with the Orbit Drip Irrigation Kit because I had read that it was the easiest system to use (and I’m a beginner so I didn’t want anything super complicated). And, I also bought the kit because I felt that it would be the easiest way for me to get mostly everything that I needed without stressing about finding the perfect system right away. The only small issue that I had with this system is that the black tubing was super duper hard to connect to the timer – even with trying out using needle nose pliers – the brown tubing was much easier to maneuver around the connection pieces.

I decided not to use the emitters for this first project – the front raised beds – but I will be saving them for later use. So, a slight change in the kit’s plan. With the purchase of some brown 1/4″ tubing, this project could really take off! I did also have to pick up a few stakes to keep the tubing in place. But, overall, I think that this system will work well. Once I’ve decided that this layout will work for me, I plan to add mulch over top of the tubing to hide it. And, I’m looking for a way to tuck the black tubing away so that it isn’t as noticeable to the eye when you enter my home.

I hope that this keeps my plants nice and happy. I’m loving this learning process so far, and I can’t wait for more seasons with this equipment. And, now that everything is on a timer, I will be able to enjoy more time looking at the plants and weeding and less time raveling and unraveling the hose. And, I’ll have a project for another season: winterizing the drip system.


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