Hero: An Adjustment.

I am having a rough go of things, y’all.

Long story short, I have a dog again. I’ro was the name given to him, but we tweaked that a bit to Hero.

And that’s what this pup is to me. He’s my hero. Because he just keeps going. All day, he loves to run around the yard. He almost never stops, but when he does he is the sweetest cuddle bug.

The grieving and the adjustment period are one and the same. Short staffing at work has me burnt all the way out. I can barely find the motivation to clean my room, and the tanks, and the gardens. But, I can play with the puppy. And, when I find that there is a lot on my mind but nothing to talk about, I can talk about my Hero.

Sometimes that’s all I can do. And it is worth doing.


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