What are we gonna do, 2022?

Presently, I’m trying to keep everything together. I took a much needed break from most social media for a while. I also took a break from reading and focused more on watching movies and YouTube videos. I wish I could say that it made me feel better and that I am a new person again, but the end of the year still has me in its grips. I am still trying to get myself back on track and feeling better. I’m just not sure how to go about doing that. Maybe writing will help?

Reality has not set in. Or, maybe it has. Maybe I just don’t feel like it has. Everything still feels scattered. The house has settled a little. Puppy is still mostly wild, but he has made progress. I need to remind myself that little progress is still progress. And, although he still jumps on everything and every one, he doesn’t sleep with his back to the corners anymore. He routinely brushes against us for affection, and he also gives kisses now. He plays. He loves. And, he barks at squirrels. These little things are mighty victories.

I have missed writing. I’ve tried journaling and writing letters and have even drafted a few blog posts. But, every time I sat to journal my mind went blank, my letters never seemed cohesive enough, nothing blog related seemed good enough to publish. And… I lost it. I lost the ability to write things down. I couldn’t keep up with making notes in my phone of things that I wanted to talk about. I’m hoping that the new year is a refresh, that the thoughts flow and the words come easier.


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