A Blessed Morning

On a blessed morning, I’ro will allow me to sleep until 7 am.

Today I woke before the sun, 5:30 am. Tail wagging and small nibbling, the puppy let me know that he was ready to get up and go. But, first, I had to do the human business of putting my socks on, brushing my teeth, and throwing my hair in a bun. To which he impatiently made a pass through the darkened house and back to me, weaving and wiggling through my legs, and pulling on my pants to get me to the stairs.

Hero hadn’t acted this way since he was first brought to us. It took at least two months to get him to learn just a tiny amount of patience. His wild side doesn’t typically make this much of an appearance. Something was different, and he really needed to see it.

A light brushing of fluffy, white goodness graced the yard in the middle of the night. And, I’ro could not wait to get his paws into it.

I’ro, digging in the snow to find his squeaky ball.

Friends, I have a feeling that we’re in for some zoomies and digging all day long. And, I can’t wait. I’ro loves the snow and he so enjoys being outside. It is quite difficult to bring him in. When we are able to get him into the warmth, he gives us maybe 5 minutes of calm before he decides that he’s ready to go back out.

I’m hoping that in all the excitement, he will allow us to sleep until after the sun rises in the morning. But, if I must be woken before the sun, I will at least be entertained.


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