Season One | Sunflowers 🌻

I have wanted to plant sunflowers in our yard for the longest time. Sunflowers have always captivates me. Their height, specifically. Last year, in the Summer of 2021, I tried my hand at transplanting four sunflowers into our back yard. Of the four, only two really took. They did not grow much bigger than a foot, if that. And, because I had transplanted them late, I didn’t expect them to grow to be very large. My newly evolving work schedule left almost no time to water regularly, but I made due with what I had. I was happy with my outcome. That was year zero. This year begins year one.

How is it possible for a plant to be that tall, that beautiful, and offer so many seeds at one time. Winter 2021, I had sketched out a rough draft of the backyard landscaping. There are so many things that I am excited for this Spring. I can’t wait to see if my rose bush comes back. I want to get my hands on hydrangeas. But, mostly, I am looking forward to watching the sunflowers. I hope they bloom. I hope that at least one grows to be my height. I hope I can save some seeds for the birds, and some for me as well. I would love to create a space that sows itself, but I also crave the joy that is brought upon by manual sowing.

And, that, my friends, is part of a plan. Sunflowers.

In a few weeks, I will be able to start them. Just have to wait for this pesky last frost date. And then, hopefully, I can protect the sunflowers from the birds and the mowers and the puppy. Hopefully, they grow tall.

Oh, do I have my work cut out for me.


2 thoughts on “Season One | Sunflowers 🌻

  1. Queen Karen says:

    I absolutely love sunflowers. They are a joy to my soul. I get so excited when I see a sunflower. I remember walking past a house last year where a family had a garden 🪴 filled with sunflowers 🌻. I always looked forward to seeing them and then one day, I got the opportunity to talk to the owner of the garden. May you continue to flourish in all that you set your mind to do. Bloom 💐

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