Season One | Hydrangeas 🌸

Many moments of my childhood were spent gazing out my bedroom window at the beautiful pink and blue flowers that, I believed, had been planted just for me. They were my escape. I daydreamed constantly about a village of Little People living inside the shrub.

Now that I’m older, I know that my flowers were left by the previous owners. I also know that there is absolutely no way that the previous owners (who had put black and white checkerboard tiles on their kitchen counters to match the dark blue cabinets and the white, pink, and baby blue, floral laminate flooring in their kitchen… yikes) probably weren’t thinking of 4 year old me when they put the flowers in. But, a little girl could dream.

If only I had known what we had when we left. I wish I would have thought to ask to take them with us.

The move and adolescence removed the flowers from my mind for years. It was in college (during a trip down a sustainable gardening 3 am internet search) that I remembered these beautiful blooms.

Now that I have had some space and time to think about what type and where and when, I have decided to try my hand at hydrangeas in container gardens this year. I was going to put them straight in the ground and then I realized that, because I am new at this whole gardening thing, I might have better luck with containers. This way, I can move them around if they’re not getting enough light, and I can be sure that the soil that I’m using is generally healthy. I also can protect the baby shrubs from puppy feet. Because this pup loves to run.

I picked up some starter hydrangeas ($10 each seemed like a deal!) and some light, plastic pots, and can’t wait to get to work with these guys. The hydrangeas were kept on a shelf that didn’t seem to get a lot of light in the garden center, so I tried to pick the two that seemed to be doing the best. I hope to move them to the deck soon – I don’t want to shock them too quickly. I think they’ll be okay though. Most of my concern now is coming from needing to keep them watered without a backyard hose… but we’ll make it work somehow.


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