Season One | a potting shelf 🪴

Since around 2016 I have been interested in growing things. I have wanted to dirty my hands and get to business. I started small, with a few herbs here and there around the house. And then when I realized that I couldn’t manage it with a busy work schedule, maintaining a social life, and being a full time student, I kind of let everything live out their natural cycles.

Now, when I have the time and temperament to try again, I will try again.

This year is for flowers and teas and maybe a few veggies here and there.

In an attempt to cultivate a quiet, peaceful planting space, I went on an online shopping spree. I ordered a potting shelf, amongst a few seeds and some soil. And, after the order had been delivered and sat for a while, today was the day for putting the things together.

So, 9 am, I walked outside with my coffee and dog and began the process of getting it done.

I started the day with coffee and accomplishment. I played with the curious puppy, and I tried to get my growing life more organized. It is 7 pm and the potting shelf looks the same as it does in this photo (minus the coffee mug). And, I feel that that is a win. A small space where I can keep my daily garden tools and maybe even repot a few pots. A small place to get my hands dirty.


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