Season 1 | Failures and a Winter Secret

Somehow along the way, I have lost touch with the things that make me happy. I stopped reading. Dreaded opening my laptop or my journal. Instead, I stared at the TV but did not enjoy anything that I found there. I ignored my garden and let it go with wild abandon. The seeds fell where they may.

I ended up working a lot this summer and forgot to water quite a bit. I lost Brussels sprouts and kale before they could even become transplants. Pumpkins, cucumbers, and squash were destroyed by bugs that I never handled. Eventually, I became overwhelmed by the pests and had no want to research the best way to remove the problem. I’m still not sure what the heck is currently eating my cabbage. Peppers grown in containers without drainage holes bore small fruits and eventually drowned. Dislike for pesticides and a lack of want to research or reach out created a potent mixture of overwhelming nope.

This season, I gave up on my garden, but it still tried. Tomatoes were an overwhelming success this year. Chamomile and basil were such a welcomed victory, as were the strawberry plants that multiplied beautifully. Next season will be different. I am now aware of the pests in my area, and I am aware of the damage that they bring. I know the issues, and next year will be more prepared.

The current state of my cabbage. Any and all advice welcomed.

Lately, the weather has been abnormal; 70 degrees in November is nice, but too warm for my taste. This morning, the first frosty morning of the season brings promise of cooler days and long, calm nights. I have begun to hope for an Autumn filled with tea, candles, books, and research. I haven’t had that, lately. I haven’t wanted anything, lately. But this first dusting of frost may have changed that. I hope it has changed that. But, I am grateful for the late weather this year.

The unexpected warmness made sowing garlic a pleasant experience. I thought I had missed my window. But, now I have a Winter secret. The garlic will grow over the frigid winter and make it through to Summer. Hopefully, the garlic will be the second crop to miss the pests. Hopefully my garlic remains a secret between me and the garden.


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