February 2020 WTR

I don't know about you all, but January flew for me. Between new year blog housekeeping and working on a few 2021 goals on top of work and house projects, January kept me busy. I was so glad to start the year off with quite a few books! (Most of which are mentioned in my … Continue reading February 2020 WTR

ROASTING MYShELF: my 2021 physical tbr

I have been dreading to write this post, as the content within is embarrassing. Twenty-twenty is the year that I realized just how many books I own. My bookshelves became intimidating again. And, I've decided to unhaul a whole bunch (books available on my Depop soon!). But, there are quite a few that I would … Continue reading ROASTING MYShELF: my 2021 physical tbr