A Blessed Morning

On a blessed morning, I'ro will allow me to sleep until 7 am. Today I woke before the sun, 5:30 am. Tail wagging and small nibbling, the puppy let me know that he was ready to get up and go. But, first, I had to do the human business of putting my socks on, brushing … Continue reading A Blessed Morning

Long story short, it’s still a bad time.

I tend to put a lot of pressure on things that really don't require that much attention. It's a habit of mine that I've been trying to break for the longest time, but sometimes the bad habits win. Often, this comes as a "I can't do x, y, z, until everything else is perfect." I … Continue reading Long story short, it’s still a bad time.

just one day

Every single time I sit and try to write, the words don't come. The need to write is there. The all consuming feeling that I must write something overrides my ability to do literally anything else without thinking about how I would write that scene. But, the words don't come. I want to have a … Continue reading just one day

a 2021 birthday

Every year around the middle of April I start to take care of myself a little more. I begin focusing on the aspects of myself which I typically ignore throughout the rest of the year. Usually this means a haircut, painting my nails, and picking up a book or movie for myself. I attempt to … Continue reading a 2021 birthday