Mud Puddles

Last night, there was a decent amount of rain, this morning, the yard smelled like dirt and dead leaves and the air had a good amount of moisture to it. And the pup, well, he didn't want to come back inside for breakfast.With the fall and the rain bringing out the leaves and the new … Continue reading Mud Puddles


The past week has been a blur. Brain fog strikes again. All I want to do lately is curl up in my bed with the pup and a cup of coffee and read. But, all I've had the energy to do lately is lay in bed. I've done some Christmas shopping, and I can't wait … Continue reading

to august

August... is an incredibly hard month for me, usually. It brings back memories of people that I miss. This year, those memories are bitter sweet. My house is being worked on. Things are coming back together. Rooms look like rooms again. And, in the time of 2020, I'm able to call loved ones and check … Continue reading to august

The weather has broken, and I find myself with more headaches than usual. This past month has been difficult. Marshall became very sick seemingly within a few days. Jax, the puppy, is relentlessly playful and mercilessly teething. Marshall wants to play, but does not fancy being bitten. I have not finished a single book this … Continue reading