Another Grounding.

Upkeep on the house has been interesting lately. With younger sister moving back in and chaos still ensuing from clearing everything out of bedrooms and the dining room and living room. And, eventually I've found that taking some quiet time to care for the house plants and watch the bird feeder grounds me. Which, is … Continue reading Another Grounding.


to august

August... is an incredibly hard month for me, usually. It brings back memories of people that I miss. This year, those memories are bitter sweet. My house is being worked on. Things are coming back together. Rooms look like rooms again. And, in the time of 2020, I'm able to call loved ones and check … Continue reading to august

The builders are starting this week. They're supposed to be fixing the ceilings and the bathroom. The living room ceiling and the bathroom vanity had been damaged in the flood. So, we're beginning the construction process. During covid, which makes me anxious. True to self, I stress bought bath bombs. They should arrive within the … Continue reading