Off the Grid Readathon TBR | Jan 15-17 2021

This readathon was created by Shanah from Bionic Bookworm (YouTube) and Justine from I Should Read That in 2019. Read the original post here, watch the video announcement here, and follow @OffTheGridReads on Twitter. For quite a few years now I've been tempted to buy a cabin in the woods to renovate it and live … Continue reading Off the Grid Readathon TBR | Jan 15-17 2021

2020 Audiobook TBR

Culling physical shelves is always nice, but I never realized the same is true of digital shelves. While my GoodReads has been a hot mess express for the longest time, my Kindle and Audible shelves have recently become disheveled as well. Lately, I haven't had much patience for a physical book (I dearly wish this … Continue reading 2020 Audiobook TBR