One day.

I occasionally do this thing where I decide that I am going to do something. Sometimes, this want culminates in house plants and pet fish and then a planted aquarium. Here's how it starts: I spend countless hours researching and compiling information and planning out how I would go about the task, and then researching … Continue reading One day.


The builders are starting this week. They're supposed to be fixing the ceilings and the bathroom. The living room ceiling and the bathroom vanity had been damaged in the flood. So, we're beginning the construction process. During covid, which makes me anxious. True to self, I stress bought bath bombs. They should arrive within the … Continue reading

Tank Day.

Unfortunately, during the flood, the plumbers had to use some pretty heavy chemicals in my house to make sure that we won't have any mold growth. They also blessed us with 25 industrial fans, plastic doors to separate each room, and a $200 increase in our electric bill. Due to all of the crazy, we … Continue reading Tank Day.